Evolv Sunless Daily Glo Moisturizer

Evolv Sunless Daily Glo Tan Extender

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What it is: This isn’t your mom’s moisturizer. This is flawlessly formulated, tea tree oil enriched, DHA enhanced, cell-stimulating, skin-hydrating, tan-extending, body-cooling, shake-my-soul-awake, send-chills-up-my-spine, bring-the-crowd-to-their-feet, send-the-critics-to-their-knees, steal-the-show-and-don’t-apologize-for-it moisturizer.

What it does: Post-Tan Moisturizer works by moisturizing, and revitalizing your skin, while enhancing the depth of your Sunless Tan. Used daily after your shower, Post-Tan Moisturizer will ensure even longer-lasting sunless tanning results.

How to use: Apply generous amounts of Post-Tan Moisturizer daily to your entire body following your shower or bath.

Size: 7 oz.