SunlessPRO Pre-Tan Intensifier

SunlessPRO Pre-Tan Intensifier

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What it is: A Conditioning Color Developer infused with Vitamin D3, Caffeine, and Avocado Oil; Sunless Pro Pre-Tan Intensifier is the key element for advanced development of your professional or self-applied Sunless Tan.

How it works: Pre-Tan Intensifier works by hydrating and balancing your skin's pH levels while providing a perfectly conditioned canvas for the Sunless application. Used before each tan, Pre-Tan Intensifier will increase the depth and color of your Sunless Tan, as well as accelerate the tan’s development time.

How to use: For a deeper, darker, more intense Sunless Tan with accelerated development time, apply Pre0Tan Intensifier lightly and evenly over your entire body immediately before your Sunless Tanning session. All to dry completely before your Sunless application.

Size: 6.4 oz. / Travel Size: 2.0 oz.